Stop Menopause Weight Gain

Menopausal weight gain has been a big problem for a lot of women these days. When we reach this stage, it is very difficult to control the gaining of weight because the body is confused with the changes. Menopause happens when the ovarian cycle finally ends. This will include the ending of menstrual cycle. By this time, we will experience a lot of changes in our body. They are caused by the symptoms of menopause which is quite difficult to control. The gaining of weight is one of them.

Because this happens to older women, it is not that easy to just exercise and shrug the weight off. Good thing there are some simple steps in order to stop menopausal weight gain.

Stop Menopausal Weight Gain

It is better if you eat 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones. This will control the gaining of weight. When you eat in large meals your body will digest a lot which makes your metabolism go slower. Smaller meals will moderate the digestion so you get the nutrients little at a time. Make sure that you eat only the healthy and nutritious foods. Avoid any junk foods and fatty ones. You have to take as little saturated fat as you can.

Also, you have to stay away from drinking coffee and alcohol. What they do is bring in more free radicals in your body which will lead to building up of fats.

This will be a way for you to reduce the fats and burn them. However, it does not have to be a heavy routine. Cardio exercises are good enough for you to keep your body moving. Women having menopause usually are around 50 years old. Of course we cannot expect them to do weight lifting and long distance running.

Jogging in the morning, brisk walking, biking and engaging to light sports will be good enough to remove the excess weight and also stop further gaining.

It is best for women of this age to relax and just live life enjoyably. This will make them eat less because they don’t do any strenuous work. However, if circumstances tells requires you to exert more energy, all you have to do is moderate it so you can avoid stress. Stress can actually make women gain weight because it makes them eat more so that they get to cover up their strain.

There are supplements or herbs that you can take which will boost the hormones in your body. This will control the menopausal weight gain. This symptom actually occurs due to the confusion in the hormone count. What we need to do is supply our body with what it is lacking. We can get these by hormone boosters and releasers.

These steps for stopping menopausal weight gain are very useful for us to get in control with our weight as we get older.